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Yacht Charters, Private Chefs & More:
Trending Luxury Concierge Requests

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Concierge – you’ve heard this word before…. It’s the term that applies to any representative who provides personal assistance and is skilled to make special arrangements for clients during travel. Some clients tend to make uber-specific requests but there are top ones that go without question on a getaway. The option to have a convenient and exclusive concierge has been around for many years and there are countless perks that come along. Looking to have a top-notch, stress-free, and personalized experience while on a trip? Then, a concierge is the way to go. Having this representative available to you to organize any needs can save you the time that you’ll most likely rather have to frolick on the beach. When booking a concierge that possesses expert area knowledge, you can also be introduced to local attractions and information you probably weren’t aware of before.

Industry analysts have recognized that the business of concierge has seen a favorable boom, especially since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Providers are offering more bespoke home needs and consumers are quickly realizing they could use more help with coordination as they spend extra time to themselves and family. This is the ideal concept for the affluent with an upscale lifestyle and it’s fitting for an extravagant vacation.

So, if you’ve had luxury concierge services in mind but don’t really know what you need just yet, check out these trending requests below:

1) Yacht Charters:

High in demand, especially on island destinations are private yacht charters. Sail away smoothly to any desired location while onboard the most snazzy vessels. Whether you’re looking to be at sea on a small cruiser or a mega yacht, this concierge service seals a luxury experience. You can make unforgettable memories while enjoying water sports and other features offered.

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2) Massage Therapy & Spa Treatments:

Who doesn’t appreciate a therapeutic treatment in the comfort of their vacation pad? Relaxing services like massages, facials, pedicures and more are becoming popular concierge requests to create the ultimate trip. Travelers are looking to be pampered by the trusted hands of mobile masseurs and beauticians.

3) Private Chefs:

Wanting to do more intimate dining or prefer to have optimized meals regularly during your stay? Join the craze of having a private chef. Have custom menus crafted and indulgent foods prepared by a proficient culinarian in between your holiday adventures. Right in the kitchen of your home, a private chef can cook up your favorite bites and provide 5-star ambiance.

4)   Special Event Planning:

More and more people today are hosting celebrations while traveling. You are probably thinking, how do they plan a celebration in a foreign place? Who do they call for décor, libations, and other party essentials? There’s no need to worry when you can ask concierge to plan the event. Concierge can execute event plans for any occasion and make your expectations come to life.

5)   Babysitting:

No matter the reason of a trip, jet-setting with little ones isn’t seen as a pain anymore because with concierge, you can have reliable childcare specialists babysit for you. This service is largely sought-after by parents of kids as young as newborns. Make sure you are a part of the pre-screening and selection process and take advantage of concierge babysitting. You can revel in nightlife or even catch a business meeting on your trip with certainty on who’ll keep the children.

Image by Lina Kivaka via Pexels.com

6)  Entertainment:

Shaping the concierge field today would be travel planning and reservation booking. Let the concierge guide you to embark on a journeys you’ll talk about forever. Why overthink about discovering things to do in town when they can handle it? Entertaining activities like excursions, concerts, museums, and more can be covered by concierge. They typically can lead you to unique attractions and the best hidden spots.

7) Ground Transportation:

You may not be able to secure an Uber black everywhere you go and who truly wants to drive themselves around all day? This is why concierge ground transportation is still a coveted service. From the time you land off of your flight, you can be greeted by a professional personal driver in the most comfortable high-end vehicle when this service is requested. They make things much easier by accurately getting you around within the city.

8) Housekeeping:

Like private chefs and all other concierge, housekeepers sure do come in handy as well. Sit back and relax while housekeeping concierge clean your space. Guests today, whether in a hotel or in a vacation home, favor being in a spotless environment throughout their stay. Housekeeping is an undeniable service, no matter which part of the world you’re at.

Image via Pexels.com

9) Property Management:

This concierge service is prevalent among owners of real estate properties. Landlords depend on property managers, especially when they are not physically able to tend to their properties. A major example would be a vacation homeowner living in another country. Get concierge to facilitate guest turnovers, conduct maintenance, oversee paperwork, and line up property amenities.

It can be pretty helpful to understand what all you can really ask of a concierge. The list can go on but in essence, a concierge is a dream maker. This is the quintessential route to take if you want to reclaim your time and have all of your luxuries arranged and managed.


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